Welcome to NJRC Aquatic & Fitness Center


6/10/13 – Gym equipment has been delivered to the center!

NJRC Aquatic and Fitness Center of Monmouth County is more than a gym – it’s a lifestyle. We believe it takes more than a workout to maintain and build fitness. It takes weight training, cardio, activity and challenging your body to go to the next level.

You’ll get everything you need for a fit lifestyle at NJRC, a 27,000 square foot facility. We not only offer an extensive weight training area, but also a variety of group classes including Spin, Pilates and Yoga. We have 2 pools that give the swimmer of any level the perfect place to exercise, learn or rebuild strength as part of physical therapy.

Our personal trainers can help you determine the best program for your goals and guide you to not only reaching them, but surpassing them.

Dual sets of locker rooms ensure there is always room for you at NJRC.

Come in and start changing your life today.

If you would like to speak to a member representative or get more information about our facility, please feel free to come by the center in person, or you can fill out our: membership information request form.

For information about the New Jersey Race Club Swim Team please contact:

Peter Nagle – pete@njrccenter.com

Andreas Roestenburg – andreas@newjerseyraceclub.com